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सिंगल यूज प्लास्टिक के उन्मूलन के लिए आपके विचार और सुझाव आमंत्रित हैं

Start Date: 30-03-2022
End Date: 31-07-2022

प्लास्टिक कचरे के बढ़ते खतरे को देखते हुए एवं हर जगह फेंके जाने वाले ...

विवरण देखें जानकारी छिपाएँ

प्लास्टिक कचरे के बढ़ते खतरे को देखते हुए एवं हर जगह फेंके जाने वाले प्लास्टिक कचरे के कारण होने वाले पर्यावरणीय नुकसान को रोकने के लिए हमें सतत प्रयासों के बारे में सोचने की तत्काल आवश्यकता है।

जम्मू-कश्मीर को सिंगल यूज प्लास्टिक मुक्त बनाने के लिए आपके विचार एवं सुझाव आमंत्रित हैं। यदि आपके पास जम्मू-कश्मीर में सिंगल यूज प्लास्टिक को खत्म करने के लिए अभिनव तरीके एवं विचार है तो कृपया माईगव जम्मू और कश्मीर पोर्टल के साथ साझा करें।

भेजने की शुरुआती तिथि: 7 मार्च, 2022
अंतिम तिथिः 31 मई, 2022

सभी टिप्पणियां देखें
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Sourav Sharma 2 महीने 1 day पहले

Single use plastics pose significant danger to environment and human health. My few suggestions for elimination are as follows:-
1. Strict enforcement of ban on single use plastics.
2. Encourage recyclable products to be used.
3. In case of unava circumstances, single use plastics should be converted to multi use.
4. Masses should be educated about the dangers that it's use causes to the environment.


Javid Ali Paray 2 महीने 1 day पहले

Continuous use of plastics is danger to the natural ecosystem. We must join hands to use biodegradable products and say no to plastic. Per day we are adding tons of plastic to the mother earth. we can surely minimize the use of plastics if we recognize how harmful it is. We can use jute bags. We can apply home base methods and things.


RizwanaMehraj 2 महीने 1 day पहले

Everyone talks about the growing menace and hazards of polythene even Govt. One or the other day circulates orders regarding ban of polythene but it is not that easy to eradicate this menace with just an order or few campaigns.Govt says support of people is much needed yes it is but to remove polythene from market is actually a real
challenge that govt needs to tackle with.Untill and unless the factories are not sealed where this poisonous thing is maufactured nothing and no one can stop it..


Dr IshfaqMaqbool 2 महीने 2 days पहले

To save our environment it is highly imperative to curb the uncontrolled usage of single use plastic. The sloganeering and ineffective public awareness programs are not going to yield desired results. Only way out is to stop and ban production of this stuff. If not available, the material won't be used.


NeelofarJan 2 महीने 2 days पहले

Single use plastic is one of the most prevalent causes of pollution including environmental as well as water pollution. It has devastating impact on oceans, sea animals and hydrophytes. Therefore, ban on single use plastic is very important. Governments in many countries including India have started campaign to stop using single use plastic and use environment friendly carry bags.
We produce millions of tons of single use plastic every year, most of which cannot be recycled.